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Levitating Books

My interest in film ranges from writing to directing and editing. I have previously created book trailers for Penguin Random House titles, worked on short films and am currently also turning my novel idea into a feature-length movie with the help of an Australian producer.


Book Trailers

Trailer for Penguin China's book, Baijiu to celebrate World Baijiu Day:

Video for the New York Times bestselling and award-winning Midnight in Peking by Paul French:

Trailer for the hugely anticipated second book by Paul French, City of Devils:

Let's talk about


Short Film: The Walk Home

One of the short films I directed was by scriptwriter Claire Lily Squire.

The film follows an accidental encounter that eventually goes nowhere, but makes us think – when our lives intersect and small encounters feel big, what happens if we just let them go?

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