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I have a new podcast with my brilliant co-host, Saga Ringmar. As huge podcast nerds, the new pod discusses and reviews shows we love. Check out our show right here!

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As a storyteller, I simply love to talk about new ideas. I am currently working on a new podcast project, and was previously the co-creator of BaeJing Podcast about China's local stories that had an impact on the whole world. 


Baejing Podcast


Previously, Saga and I had another podcast called BaeJing. We took local stories from and about Beijing and looked into weird quirks of the city that mattered to everyone outside its borders, too. At our height, we had over 400 listeners per episode.

You can read more about the podcast in our interview with The Beijinger here.

You can also listen to an interview with us for China Radio International drive-by show here.


Sadly, we won't have any more episodes coming out of this particular project, but BaeJing lives on in our collective memory.

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

The One With Advertisers and Marketers

In this episode, we talk to the most mysterious people on planet earth: advertisers and marketers of today. Our first guest is the creative Tory Benyon, who is a marketing executive over at the Mosto Group that covers Moka Bros, La Social and Mosto here in Beijing. While our second is Charlie Sampson, an incredibly experienced advertising specialist and former CEO of huge creative firms Saatchi & Saatchi and Y&R in China. From tattoo parties to Toyota misunderstandings, these are the people that create everything we know about the brands we love, and here they tell us what really goes on behind the scenes.

The One Where the Fashion Industry Ruins the World

In this episode, we talk to Rosie, a former fashion buyer who worked in the UK and in China. Rosie tells us all about the horrors of the world she was once part of, lets us know just how much water is used for a single pair of jeans (and it is more than you think), and shares her experiences working with factories. We also try, and somewhat fail, to solve the entire fast fashion industry crisis, but find ways to make a difference as individuals.

The One Where Pets Need Our Help

In our first ever episode, we talk to Mary Peng, the founder of International Centre for Veterinary Services (ICVS), about pet welfare, the meat trade industry, animal protection and laws. We also hear a little bit of a segment from the Ellen Show where Will Smith chats about the pets he adopted from no place other than Beijing, and go to visit the cutest pups known to man.

Here are a couple more snaps from our wrap-up party at The Opposite House, Beijing:

WeChat Image_20210223105848.jpg

Let's talk about



I was also a guest on Angus Stewart's Chinese Translated Fiction podcast. You can listen to me talk about a book I worked on at Penguin Random House, as well as discussing men writing women here:

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